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UNESCO Creative Cities Network is the project initiated in October 2004 as part of ‘Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity,’ paying attention to the creativity which is the core element of cultural development. Their objectives are to promote economic, social, and cultural developments in the member cities and ultimately to enhance the cultural diversity and continuing progress which UNESCO pursues by developments of cultural assets in each city and cultural industry based on the creativity, and non-competitive cooperation and sharing the development experiences among the cities.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network has 7 fields including literature, movie, music, crafts and folk arts, design, media art, and gastronomy. According to the cultural characteristics, environment, and preference of the applicant city, one of them can be selected. As of 2020, the number of participant countries in the network is 246 cities in 85 countries.

Icheon is the ceramic specialized city where lots of ceramic artists and related industry people gather together, and the related educational institutions and infrastructure of ceramics including the researchers have well been established. In addition, quality operations of International Ceramic Biennale and ceramic festivals, and the preparations of designated organization that can take responsibility of festival operation and specialized ceramic works have been recognized to be entitled as UNESCO Creative Cities Network Crafts and Folk Arts Craft City, Korea-first in 2010.

Upon joining in UNESCO Creative Cities Network, our city had the opportunity to introduce Korean crafts and folk arts to all over the world, share mutual cultures by networking with a variety of cities over the world, and contribute to the advancements of world cultural diversity.

Related institutions

Related institutions - Studio's Name, Hompage, Address, Contact Number
Studio's Name Hompage Address Contact Number
Icheon Ceramics Cooperative www.cerawork.or.kr 306, Gyungchoongdae-ro 697, Icheon, Gyunggi Province +82 -31-633-6382
Korea ceramic art high school www.doyego.hs.kr 61, Doontuh-ro, Shindoon-myun, Icheon, Gyunggi Province, Korea Ceramic High School +82 -31-638-6842
Korea Ceramic Foundation https://www.kocef.org 263, Gyungchoongdae-ro 2697, Icheon, Gyunggi Province +82 -31-645-6501
Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET) www.kicet.re.kr/english.web 321 Gyungchoongdae-ro, Shindoon-myun, Icheon, Gyunggi Province +82 -31-645-1400
Icheon Ceramics Cooperative
Icheon Ceramics Cooperative is the institution established in Icheon so as for all the people to share the information on the ceramics, to feel our tradition together, and to seek the modern advancement. Iceon Ceramics Cooperative developed its web-page to deliver the information on the domestic and international ceramic contests as well as overall news on the ceramic industry to the citizens real-time basis, in order to help them meet more lively information.
Korea Ceramic art high school
Korea ceramic art high school was founded in 2002 in Icheon city, UNESCO designated creative city, as the Korea first public high school specialized for ceramic education recruiting national students. Under the educational theme to develop the ceramic craft specialists who open the future with dream, challenge, and co-existence, it is the futuristic school of ceramic education that succeeds to the traditional ceramics and suggests the direction of modern ceramics.
Korea Ceramic Foundation
Located in Seolbong Park, Icheon World Ceramic Center commands a breathtaking view of the natural surroundings, and boasts four large exhibition halls in addition to a variety of related facilities for improving the art of ceramics. The center showcases the works of influential ceramic artists through invitation, exhibition, and competition and continues to find and train the emerging artists who will eventually determine the future direction of the ceramic world.
Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
In active operation since its completion in September 12, 2007, this professional research institution is designed to contribute to the regional ceramics clusters of Icheon, Yeoju, and Gwangju in Gyeonggi-do. In contrast to the main KICET institute's focus on fine ceramics, the Icheon branch has been engaged in the mid-and long-term development of core ceramic technology, enhancement of on-site manufacturing technique, testing and analysis, and site-oriented technical support.