Seoneup-ri Ipsang Seokbul

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  • LocationSan 110 Seoneup-ri Janghowon-eup, Icheon
  • Assigned Number10th Native Place Relics of Icheon
  • MaterialGranite
  • Size (amount)height 2.34m width of the shoulder 59cm thickness 15-16
  • EraLate Unified Shilla Dynasty to early Goryeo Dynasty
  • Date of DesignationApril 14, 1986

It lied buried under the bank of the stream in front of Jukgok village and later was found by the head priest of the Sinheung temple and moved to its present location. The form of robe and no expression of the adornment can be verified as the Buddha statues. It is predicted to have been constructed between the unified Silla to early Goryeo period, with its face to face to face shaped lotus, questioned figure, balanced image, and polished method.