Dalsung-gun of Daegu Gwangyeok City

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Dalsung-gun of Daegu Gwangyeok City
  • Population53,521 households with 160,363 people
  • Size of the land427,04km²
  • Budget198,600 million won
  • Special FeaturesBiseul Mountain stands to the east side of Dalsung-gun (from the sea level 1.084m), and Nakdong and Gumho rivers unite in the west. Due to its inland climate, difference of the temperature from day and night is significant. It belongs to region of light rainfalls and the land has rich soils. It is a complex industry region with mixture of both agriculture and manufacturing industries with increasing population, and becoming a satellite city near the central city area. Additionally, it is a green space preservation area for leisure and rest and an entry gate for the southwestern area of Daegu City
  • EventsBiseul Mountain Cham Flower Festival (April-May), Resident’s day (October 9), Yakryeong City Festival, Donsung-ro Festival, Dalsung Loyalty and Filial Piety Festival
  • Local SpecialtiesOnions, roses, orchids, tomatoes, okpo watermelons, honeydew melons, guji cucumbers, yuga sticky rice, dasa chives, watercress, melons, persimmons, lotus roots, safflower seeds, grapes, watermelons, guji potatoes, guji cabbages
  • Administrative Organization3 Divisions 1 Administrator 16 Departments 2 Direct Offices 1 Branch Office, 3 eups and 6 Myeons (611 City Officials)
  • SchoolsElementary (25), Middle Schools (11), High Schools (3)
  • Status of current Exchange CitiesHebei Sheng of Nangbang City (2002), Zhejiang of Gaheung City, Susung-gu (2004), Jeonnam Damyang-gun (1984)