Dongrae-gu of Busan Gwangyeok City

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Dongrae-gu of Busan Gwangyeok City
  • Population93,833 households with 276,095 people
  • Size of the land16.7km²
  • Budget96,616 million won
  • Special FeaturesDongrae-gu is a well known place for its traditional culture surrounding the areas of Sumin, Boksan, Myeongryun, and Anrak-dong which used to be old eup, Oncheonjang centered area for entertainment and shopping, and Gumgang Park area for tour and leisure. It also hosted the Asian Game in 2006 with the main stadium, thus is known nationwide for sports, tour, and leisure activities
  • EventsDongrae Eup Castle History Festival (every October), reemergence of 3.1 Independence Declaration
  • Tourism ResourcesBotanical Garden, Gumgang Park, Huhsimcheong(hot springs), Bokcheon Museum, Choongyeol Temple, Dongrae Resort House, Woo Jang Choon Memorial Place, Dongrae Hot springs
  • Administrative Organization3 Divisions, 1 Sub-division, 15 Departments, 1 Branch Office, 14 Dongs (650 public officials)
  • SchoolsElementary (20), Middle Schools (14), High Schools (14), University (1)
  • Exchange StatusA sister city with Honggu-gu of China, Gochang-gun of Jeonbuk, Thai Nguyen of Vietnam