Samcheok City of Gangwon-do

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Samcheok City of Gangwon-do
  • Population27,947 households with 74,577 people
  • Size of the land1,185km²
  • Budget246,010 million won
  • Special FeaturesCity occupies 7% of vast land of Gangwon-do, however, the economy and population of the city has been in depressed mode due to poor transportation network with large cities caused by steep mountains, weak manufacturing industry, and coal industry regulation policy. Recently, city has quickly taken off to become a city offering clean natural environment preservation, cavern tour, and a satellite city for casino tour satisfying various leisure culture aspects.
  • EventsBeach Cavern Festival
  • Local SpecialtiesSamcheok Jangnoi Ginseng, Hwnaseon honey, stone seaweed, king garlic, linen, purple potatoes, five grain healthy rice, Gowon grapes, ogapi, and mountain goat milk
  • Administrative Organization2 Eups 6myeons 4 Dongs and 1 Branch Office (793 City Officials)