Sungbuk-gu, Seoul

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Sungbuk-gu, Seoul
  • Population177,456 households and 462,879 people (December, 2004)
  • Size of the land24.57 km² (4.05%of the city)
  • Budget213,483 million won (financial independence rate of 44.5%)
  • Special Featuresremains of cultural heritage, Education, central commerce region around Seoul city
  • EventsResident’s Day for Sungbuk-gu (May), Arirang Festival (May), Sunjangje (On a late snake’s day in March by lunar calendar)
  • Administrative Organization5 Divisions 1 branch office 1 administrator 24 Departments 2 Sub-divisions 1 Ban 30 Dongs (1,400 district officials) •District Assembly 1 Department 3 administrators
  • Sister CitiesIcheon City, Samcheok City, Youngwol City, Damyang-gun, Gochang City of Jeolabuk-do, and Jecheon City of Chunbuk