Galsan-ri Seokbul Ipsang

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  • Location324-13, Gumalli-ro, Icheon-si
  • Assigned Number7th Native Place Relics of Icheon
  • MaterialGranite
  • Size(amount)total height 4.10m, width of the shoulder 73cm
  • EraMid Goryeo Dynasty
  • Date of DesignationApril 14, 1986

This granite stone Buddha was first constructed connecting the lower and upper parts of the waist. However, long before the neck, body, and waist were destroyed and left, as in the 1980s, it was restored to its present location with the support of cement. This Buddhist image statue stands on a perfect square sitting face to face, and its size is 4.10m in height and 73cm in breadth. About 165cm of 4 stone pillars and the square shaped block of the stone, which is in front of the statue, around the statue are the original parts from the old statue.

Overall, the body is thinner and longer than the head to show the imbalance which is its characteristic trait. The constructing year of the Buddhist image statue is predicted to be in the mid Goryeo period.