Gwango-ri 5-story Pagoda

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  • LocationSan 39-3 Gwango-dong, Icheon
  • Assigned Number6th Native Place Relics of Icheon
  • MaterialGranite
  • Size(amount)height 4m width of the shoulder 1.10m, waist 1.17m
  • EraMid Goryeo Dynasty
  • Date of DesignationApril 14, 1986

This stone Buddha is a huge standing statue, with a head, hair, and small body. The ears are so big that they run down to both shoulders and the neck has clear 3m to give a feeling of schematization. The Buddhist priest’s robe runs from the chest till it becomes oval at both knees, touching close to the feet. The righeonht hand is straightly spread aside and the left hand faced outward, tilting in front of the stomach. The hands seem to be large compared to the body.

As the ridge of the nose and fingers were worn out, the cement was added to strengthen it. There is about a 10cm square hole in the middle of the back. The decoration was originally attached in the past. The standardized style shows the decline of Buddhism sculpture which leads to the prediction that the statue was constructed in the late-middle Goryeo period.