Jiseok-ri Jiseok Myo

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  • Location746-2 Suha-ri Sindun-myeon Icheon
  • Assigned Number4th Native Place Relics of Icheon
  • Size(amount)Axis 4m, 2.4m, thickness 75-80cm
  • EraPre-historic Age
  • Date of DesignationApril 14, 1986

This tomb, remains of the prehistoric age, is located on the ridge between rice fields about 10m right from the ramp of the village of Jiseok-ri. This dolmen has the figure of a table with a placing cover stone on top of the chamber and based on the villagers, the relics such as a stone knife and a stone arrow head were dug out but there is no trace. Usually the dolmen is predicted to be the tomb of a chief of a tribe from the bronze war age, as this proof creates high possibility that the area, centered on Jiseok-ri, was the settlement for small or large tribes in the prehistoric age.