Icheon Hyanggyo

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  • Location1, Hyanggyo-ro, Icheon-si
  • Assigned NumberGyeonggido 76th Local Souvenir
  • Size(amount)Myeongryundang 37.65m² Daesungjeon 58.87m² Dongsuhmugak 12.83m²
  • EraJoseon King Taejong (1402 B.C.)
  • Date of DesignationSeptember 19, 1983

It is located near the center of downtown of Icheon-si and enclosed by green woods, so it has a very good view, like a valley in the mountain. A lot of people gather here to take a rest in summer. The present size of the temple is 58.87 m2 by the formation of accumulated eaves matbaejip. Both east and west consist of 12.83m2. It is enclosed by fences and a gate. The bottom of the left door has Myeongryundang with an accumulated eaves matbaejip formation whose size is about 37.65m2. Icheon-si’s Confucianism Association has been preserving this tower since May of 1945 when the association was established. On Sangjeong Day (The first fixed date by the Chinese calendar) of February and August of each year, there are the semiannual services in honor of Confucius by Confucian scholars of Icheon.