Sogo-ri Icheon-si Maaeyeorae-Joasang

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  • LocationSan 91-9 Sogo-ri Moga-myeon, Icheon
  • Assigned NumberGyeonggi-do Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 119
  • Materialstone
  • Size(amount)height 3.7m width of the shoulder 2.4m knee side 2.7m
  • Eraunified Shilla Dynasty
  • Date of DesignationOctober 25, 1984

This statue was known for its value by the research of the Icheon Cultural Association in December, 1979. It is in a small valley, which is located 1 km to the west from the village of Sogo-ri Moga-myeon. It is located in the Magook Mountain range and is called Bucheobakgil in the areas. The rock, on which an image of Buddha is drawn, is called Bucheo (Buddha) Bakgol. This Buddhist statue is expressed by lines on a rock, which is flat and facing east. The height of this rock is over 7m. The line is very definite and balanced. The firm attitude might be the best of the area in the view point of artists.