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  • Telephone+82-31-635-3457
  • Assigned Number50th
  • DenominationKorea Buddhism Jogyejong Second District Headquarter Yongjusa Malsa
  • Registration DateJuly 28, 1988

Youngwolam is located in the place where you can look along the edge of Seolbong Mountain of Icheon-si. In the years of King Munmu of Silla, Euisangdaesa (625 ~ 702) built Youngwolsa and called it Bukaksa. Also the name of the mountain became Bugaksa. But there are no supporting documents that can prove the rumor so no one knows whether or no it’s true. But Youngwolam has the Yeongwolam Maaeyeorae Ipsang (822nd treasure) which is estimated to have been built in the middle of Goryeo. Seokjo Kwangbae, which was assigned as the 3rd Korean relics and Yeonhwajwabae, are estimated to have been created between the unified Silla and early Goryeo periods.

By this evidence, it seems Yeongwolam was pretty prosperous between the late unified Silla and Goryeo periods. In the 50th year of Yeongjo (774), Yeongwoldaesa Nanggyu rebuilt Bukaksa and changed the temple’s name to Yeongwolsa by his aho (the nicknames of monks).