Dorip Seodang (Village School)

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  • Address38-92, Wonjeok-ro 775beon-gil, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si
  • Telephone+82-31-634-3356 or 3357
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This is placed in Dorip 1 –ri of Baeksa-myeon with great mountain and clean air. The meaning of the school is that three village school masters are building great virtues in this village. When you walk in to the yard of the Seo dang which consists of two Korean styled houses, school masters who are wearing the scholar’s black head band and white jackets and trousers greet you with peaceful smiles. You can have an opportunity to learn Sajasohak, The Great Learning, Mencius, and analects of Confucius, traditional courtesy manners and cultures.