Seolbong Seowon

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Vice-envoy named Jeong Hyeon built in February, 1564 during the King Myeongjong from Joseon Dynasty era in the current Seolbong Park’s entrance area. The Seowon had to close according to King Gojong’s Seowon closing order but was restored as a place that teaches Chinese study and loyalty ad filial piety education for young students. The historic literature such as Choonhyangje that is held in Seolbong Seowon, Sir Bocheonn Seo Hee, Sir Yuljeong Yi Gwan Ui, Sir Mojae Kim Ahn Guk, Sir Soyojae Choi Suk Jeong . Sahyeon Chuhyangje is an event where the scholars offer scent burning service in every spring and fall in order to honor the ancestor’s achievement.