Jachaebanga Village

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  • Location130-23, Daewol-ro 436beon-gil, Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si
  • Telephone+82-31-634-4283
  • Homepagehttp://banga.go2vvil.org

Prince Yangnyeong, who was an older brother of King Sejong, stayed here for 16 years. Rice, specifically Jachae rice, for kings was cultivated here, and the folk song of 'Jachaebanga', which was sung while people cultivated Jachae rice, is still around today. You can experience the cultivation process in this village. You can see the water mill, Yeonja mill and Didil (stepping) mill, which were used in the old days. You can play folk plays, such as Jangchigi and Jeongchigi, experience the cultivation of crops, catch mud fish, stay in a lookout shed on the field and cook rice, which was pounded in a mill.