Danyang-gun of Chungchungbuk-do

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Danyang-gun of Chungchungbuk-do
  • Size of the land776.01km²
  • Budget147,467 million won (2006)
  • Special FeaturesIt is an inner land area that is located between the borders of Taebaek and Sobaek mountains and near the cities of Youngjoo, Jecheon, Munkyeong and Youngwol-gun. Although it occupies 82.7%of the forest land out of the entire land and doesn’t have alluring conditions as an industry city, it is changing to re-born as a city of clean nature, culture, and tourism by appropriating a large amount of budget in the tourism each year satisfying a variety of leisure culture
  • EventsSambong Cultural Festival, Mountain Sobaek azalea Festival (end of May-beginning of June), Danyang Garlic Five Day Market, Bangak Palanquin Art Festival, Usangcheon watermelon Festival, Ondal Cultural festival 93-4 days between October 1-October 10), Gumsoosan Gamgol Foliage Festival
  • Local SpecialtiesDanyang garlic, peppers, watermelons, medicinal dates, herbs, oyster mushrooms, Youngji mushrooms, mountain aster scaber, locally grown honey, five grain rice, potatoes, Sobaek Mountain heavenly wine
  • Administrative Organization1 Bureau, 1 Sub-division, 1 Branch Office, 2 Eups and 6 Myeons(515 public officials)
  • SchoolsElementary (11), Middle Schools (7), High Schools (4)
  • Status of Exchange CitiesSistership with Songpa-gu, Busanjin-gu, and Boryeong City