Symbolic Representations

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Fourteen various oval shapes that represent eup, myeon, and dongs of Icheon city and form the world map expressing Icheon city that moves forward globally.

Each individual oval shape symbolizes the rice, soil for the ceramics, water for hot springs, peaches, and cornelian cherries as a group.

The city slogan, A.R.T. ICHEON represents “Active (active city)”, “Rich (rich city)”, “Top (top city)”, expressing the city as an active city that moves towards the city development, city that is enriched with culture, art, industry, and hospitality, and city that tops with industry and natural environment.

Group of red color describes the creative culture, green expresses eco-friendly farming and ecology that city promotes, and the blue color group represents future vision and progressive industries which are the unique features and direction of Icheon City.

City’s Symbolic Representations

City’s Symbolic Representations - City Bird, City Flower, City Tree
City Bird Korean Magpie City Flower Azalea City Tree Pine Tree

City Bird : Korean Magpie

City Flower : Azalea

City Tree : Pine Tree

It symbolizes the citizen’s peace, unity and delightfulness

This represents the citizen’s harmony and and unity and symbolizes the diligence and agility of them

It shows strong willingness and love for the home and symbolizes the citizen’s progressive spirits.