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Icheon City for the People
Hello, everyone! I am Eam Tai-joon, Mayor of Icheon.
Welcome the Netizens who visit here with whole heart.

Icheon city is a small but strong city located in the southeast of Seoul Metropolitan Area. Based on the roads running in all directions and SK Hynix Semiconductor Inc., it has taken a leap to a high-tech city.

As Korea’s first UNESCO creative city in the craft and folk area, the city has been cooperating with global culture and art cities; Korea’s best rice produced from Icheon, also ceramics, Haessare peach, Sansuyu and ginseng are famous specialty here, which make the city a mixed city with urban and rural characteristics.

The city of the main players of the 7th popular election started strongly. Regarding the citizens as the owner of the city, I will hand over mayor’s right and open the genuine autonomous era by the citizens.

I will make a society where imbalance between each region can be solved along with a happy village where the citizens can trust and love each other.

And I will make a city where the seniors and the disadvantaged can live happily together and a city which is responsible for childcare and education to make women happy.

All of the netizens, I hope you to visit Icheon at any time. This site is an open area for communication at any time; I’ll always be with you. I wish your continued interest and love. Thank you.

Hello everyone!

This is the mayor of Icheon city, Eam Tai Joon

Eam Tai Joon